Broadband Wireless Links and Internet Wichita, KS

Gateway has established a partnership with the wireless equipment manufacturer Alvarion. Alvarion provides the widest range of integrated broadband wireless access products in licensed and unlicensed bands. This equipment is market proven, cost-effective, quick to deploy and easy to install. Through this association with Alvarion, Gateway is able to design and install wireless links that allow wireless data or voice coverage between buildings, campuses or communities.

Gateway is also a provider of high speed broadband internet in the areas of Medicine Lodge, Sharon, Attica, Anthony and Harper Kansas. This internet service can be used by residential or business customers. If you are looking for high speed internet access in those communities call 1-800-246-7525.

For a free quote or consultation contact a Gateway sales representative at (316) 264-0037 or at 800-365-4283.