PoE Lighting Installation in Wichita, KS

Since 1985, Gateway Wireless & Network Services has been a leading provider of communication solutions, including the latest innovations in lighting technology. Our growth is fueled by both internal expansion and strategic acquisitions, with members of the founding families of our acquisitions continuing to play an active role in our operations.

What Is PoE Lighting?

PoE (Power over Ethernet) lighting is an innovative technology that uses Ethernet cables to connect, monitor, and control LED light fixtures. This technology is central to smart building solutions, providing a modern, efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems. Smart PoE lighting can reduce installation and operating costs by more than half, helping building owners meet their wellness and sustainability goals.

Benefits of PoE Lighting

Easy Installation – One of the significant advantages of PoE lighting is its simplicity in installation. PoE lighting systems operate on low voltage power, often less than 60 volts. This reduces the need for specialized electrical installations, making the setup process straightforward and more accessible.

Cost Savings – PoE lighting offers considerable cost savings, not only in installation but also in long-term operation. The efficient use of power and reduced maintenance needs lead to significant financial benefits over time.

Flexibility and Control – PoE lighting provides unmatched flexibility and control over lighting environments. Users can easily adjust lighting settings through centralized control software, allowing for optimal lighting conditions tailored to specific needs and times of day.

Integrations – PoE lighting systems can seamlessly integrate with other building management systems. This connectivity allows for the creation of a fully automated, smart building environment, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Data Analytics – PoE lighting systems are capable of collecting and transmitting data from light fixtures to control software. This data can be analyzed to optimize lighting performance, enhance energy efficiency, and provide insights into usage patterns.

Secure and Reliable – Security and reliability are paramount in PoE lighting systems. These systems ensure a stable power supply to lighting fixtures and incorporate robust security measures to protect the integrity of the network and data.

Safety – Operating on low voltage, PoE lighting systems are inherently safer than traditional high-voltage systems. This reduces the risk of electrical hazards, providing a safer environment for both installers and users.

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