Commercial Burglar Alarms & Security Systems in Wichita, KS

Your business means more to you than a bottom line; the time and effort you put into building a successful company rightly provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. Don’t let someone steal that away from you. Protect your investment with commercial security systems from Gateway Wireless Network Services. We offer tailored security with top-of-the-line equipment to meet the needs of local business owners.

Importance of Commercial Intrusion Alarms

No matter what type of business you run, a security system is essential. They help prevent vandalism, theft, and other crimes while allowing you to monitor any situation safely with remote access. However, the truth is that every company has different security needs. Our technicians work with individual business owners for customized solutions that protect your property, customers, and workers and bring you peace of mind. Deter intruders and elicit a prompt emergency response with our trusted commercial security alarm services in Wichita, KS.

Industry-Leading Products & Enhanced Security

Our team understands the importance of quick and reliable service. One bad night can be disastrous for your business. That’s why we offer only the best technology that easily integrates with other wireless security solutions and provides proven protection against intrusion. Get consistent results with commercial security alarms that include:

●          motion detectors

●          magnetic contacts

●          photoelectronic & infrared sensors

●          advanced intrusion detection panels

●          arm and disarm features with online access

●          intrusion alerts sent to you or authorities for immediate assistance

Each of our high-tech commercial burglar alarms meets local, state, and federal regulations and can be combined with any additional security systems from Gateway Wireless Network Services like surveillance video and access controls for increased protection.

Set Up Your Commercial Burglar Alarms in Wichita, KS Now!

Don’t wait until disaster strikes; protect your commercial property and your people from theft and crime with a Gateway security system custom-built for your company’s needs. Our crew takes great pride in providing safe and efficient solutions for area business owners. Call us today at 316 264-0037 or submit our online form to get started.